Krog Street Tunnel: Another Reason to LOVE Our Neighborhood!

The Krog Street Tunnel is located a block away from us

and is so much fun to check out the creative street art! The tunnel links Cabbagetown and Inman Park and is also a part of the BeltLine, perfect for biking and walking while you check out the neighborhood!


The Daily Krog is a blog dedicated to showing off the creative work by street artists in the tunnel. shares these 5 reasons to visit the Krog Street Tunnel on their website:

“5 Reasons to Visit the Krog Street Tunnel

  1. Free art! Local artists keep the tunnel alive with colorful artwork that is inspiring, creative, informative and entertaining.
  2. Great for photo opps. Whether taking photos or getting artsy engagement pics taken, this tunnel provides a unique, color backdrop. Don’t be surprised if a photo shoot or music video shoot is going on during your visit.
  3. Forget the newspaper. This is the place to visit to find shows going on in the area. The tunnel is always updated with local music, live events, festival dates and race locations.
  4. Create a picture of your own to showcase your art to the city.
  5. Make an important announcement to the city…a birthday, important event coming up, maybe even a marriage proposal!”

We would love to see your photos of your favorites from the tunnel!



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