Krog Kitty takes Control!

In an interesting turn of events, Dorian Grey (Earl of Krogdom), made an official visit to Team Krog. While he was not dressed in pink, the team did still allow him to sit with them. While taking in the views of the Atlanta Beltline, Dorian’s stoic and serious nature complimented the cool and crisp modern design of the community. Elegance is never understated when this fine feline  graces the team with his presence.

Understanding that Ayla on Krog is the designed for whatever you’re into, Dorian welcomed with open claws the K9’s who reside here. The impression he gives with his fierce amber eyes is one of a sinister, yet sweet commander.

He may make it look effortless when pontificating, but this cat can’t wait for the weekend. What is Dorian planning this weekend, he is glad you asked.  To get some alone time around his spacious and light filled apartment home, he is sending the human staff to the My Morning Jacket concert on the 7th at Fabulous Fox Theater. He would prefer them to go on the 8th; however, for them to miss the Flashback Festival at Aaron’s Amphitheater, would be crime against music.

Always the connoisseur of delicacies, he will be expecting his servants to procure fresh oysters from The Luminary, conveniently located across Krog Street at The Krog Street Market. He will also expect a fine treat from Inman Pet Works as well. Is that too much to ask for? He thinks not.

Be sure to stay tuned to see what shenanigans he gets into next.

Krog Kitty

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