Freshen Up Your Apartment Decor This Spring!

It’s almost spring time meaning flowers will start blooming and leaves will start growing! As well as some nice cool weather making you want to spend some time outside! Also it is time for some spring cleaning so put all that winter/fall stuff away and freshen up your apartment with some color. Here are some of our tips to spruce up your apartment:



Head on over to the Collective located right next to Krog Street Market and visit Southeast Succulents! They offer a wide selection of succulents, air plants, and cactus. You can either buy them separately or in pre-made arrangements. These are perfect center pieces for our massive islands or your outdoor patio set.



Stop by the Merchant for a vast...

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BeltLine Progress + New Local Restaurant


Get excited- there is progress being made! As you may have noticed- the Eastside Atlanta BeltLine has been progressing in the past month. They are finally starting to dig up and level some of the soon-to-be paved trail. This portion of the trail will pick up right across the street next to Irwin Street Market where it leaves off and go south to...

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Get Super Stoked for the Super Bowl!

In case you haven’t heard- the Atlanta Falcons are heading to the Super Bowl! For the first time since 1999, the Falcons have claimed the NFC Championship and are headed to the big one. The Atlanta Falcons are taking on “The Tom Brady” and the New England Patriots. Now most people are shocked by this outcome...

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An Inman Park Valentine’s Day

Can you believe that it will be Valentine’s Day in only 3 weeks? Don’t wait until the last minute to make plans to surprise your love. We have found some great local options for you but make sure to plan NOW so you dont end up at Waffle House. Also, did you know that ordering flowers NOW for Valentine’s Day delivery will usually cost you less than waiting until the...

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Snowpocalypse II

While the title, “Snowpocalypse II”, suggests this entry is concerning a SyFy movie the likes of Sharknado or Piranhaconda, I assure you this is a very real thing… Georgia.

If you weren’t living here in January of 2014 to witness the horrific, infrastructure collapsing, onslaught that 2 inches of snow can cause, please see the pictures...

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